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The current Seward Park Eruv can now be used for any reason by any person, just like any other community Eruv.

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The sidewalks in between 55th Avenue South and Othello Street are NOT in the Eruv. 

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The ERUV Boundaries


Same as previously:

Orcas Street (39th Ave. to 48th Ave), 48th Ave (from Orcas St. to Alaska St.)

Alaska St. (from 48th Ave. to 54th Ave.)


The section North of the Seward Park is the same, however South of Seward Park is the following route:
The fronts of houses  along Lakeshore Blvd; Eddy Street- West of 60th Place Street (not until the water); From the end of 60th Place Street along the fences to the water until the Northern Side of Warsaw Street; from the intersection of S Warsaw Street and 57th Street- only the West side of 57th Street (the street is not included);  from the intersection of 57th and S Holly St only that which is North of Holly Street (the street is not included), until the intersection of Seward Park Avenue and S Holly Street- only that which is West of Seward Park Avenue (the street is not included); Seward Park Avenue only the Western side until Kenyon Street.


The Intersection of the West side of Seward Park Avenue and Kenyon Street to the intersection of Seward Park Avenue and the East side of Renton.


(Approximately) 43rd Avenue from Kenyon St. to Orcas

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