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22 December, 14 TEVET

The temporary Eruv is up.


Important Eruv Announcement

We thank Hashem that this past week the Eruv team under the guidance of Rabbi Mordechai Paretzky from Chicago, included the majority of the Eastern Side of Seward Park in the boundaries of the temporary Eruv.  

Please check the map on the website for details for the current boundaries.

Around 95% of the houses originally in the Eruv are now included.  Please consult your Rabbi as to who should rely on the temporary Eruv.

We are hoping, G-d willing, that this part of the temporary Eruv will become permanent within the next month.  The next phase will be trying to include the remaining houses which will hopefully take place in the next few months.  Thank you for your patience and much gratitude to all of those who have invested so much time and effort in the great progress we are making.


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