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Eruv Committee update, thank you.

Dear Community Member,

Thank you so much for the support of the Eruv Restoration Project.

In online and offline donations, thank G-d, we raised over $72,000. This was truly a community-wide effort that we can all be proud of.

We’ve reached out to Rabbi Paretzky of Chicago to schedule dates for work on our Eruv..

We anticipate the Eruv will require between 3-5 weeks of labor, but will have a better idea once the work begins.

The work will take an estimated 2-4 months to complete, depending on Rabbi Paretzky’s availability.

The construction process will require volunteer assistance. We are looking for volunteers to be trained by Rabbi Paretzky on how to check the status of the Eruv and assist in other technical aspects. If you are interested in volunteering please let us know.

It was inspiring to see the whole community come together to support this project. Thank you to all the donors and volunteers.

The Eruv Committee,

Jeffrey Alhadeff, Yossi Babani, Nancy Finkelstein, Aliza Genauer, Ariella Margolese, Lauren Milner, Chanon Simon


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