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Great News

With endless gratitude to Hashem, and to those who dedicated so much of their time, effort, and resources to the Seward Park Eruv, we are excited to announce that the current temporary Eruv Seward Park (which includes the vast majority of the community Seward Park) is now permanent. Of course, the Eruv still needs to be checked each week.

What this means

The current Seward Park Eruv can now be used for any reason by any person, just like any other community Eruv.

What comes next

The current Seward Park Eruv does not yet include everyone who was a part of the original Eruv. We will be working during the next few weeks and months to include every home that was inside the boundaries of the original Eruv. We will also be implementing an Eruv checking system, among many other facets in order to ensure the continued kashrus of the Eruv.

What you should do

Please check the website every week for updates, subscribe to the e-mail list on the website, or call the Eruv Hotline.

An important note of caution

Both sidewalks and the street that transitions from 55th Avenue South and Othello Street are NOT in the Eruv. View the map of the current Eruv here: or on your mobile device here:

A big thank you

Thank you to Rabbi Mordechai Paretzky of Chicago, for the endless hours spent restoring our Eruv, not only this past week but the weeks leading up to this endeavor, making sure everything was in order that we could have a functional Eruv. And to all of the volunteers who invested so much time and effort.


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